Choosing your child’s health provider is one of the most important decisions you can make affecting your child’s normal growth and development. Please use this webpage as a guide and a resource as you choose the right practice for your family.

Pre-Natal Visit:
Before your baby is born you are invited to schedule a complimentary appointment with one of the pediatricians to talk about your concerns. Many expectant parents have questions about immunizations, circumcision, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and newborn care.

These appointments are usually available early morning before the doctors begin treating patients. Once you have chosen which medical provider you would like to see, you can call the appointment desk at 337-478-6480 to schedule an appointment.

Affiliated Hospitals:
Our doctors see newborns at the following hospitals:
Lake Charles Memorial Women’s Hospital Women’s and Children’s Hospital West Cal Cam Hospital – Sulphur

Procedure for establishing newborns as patients:
It is best to pre-register at the hospital of your choice. At that time you will provide the hospital with the name of the pediatrician you have chosen for your baby. You can also inform your obstetrician’s office of your choice. After your baby is born, the hospital will call us and the pediatrician will visit you within 24 hours after your baby’s birth. The pediatrician will perform newborn admission history & physical examination and make daily hospital visits to check the baby and give instructions to you.

You will need to schedule a follow-up appointment at the Children’s Clinic when the baby is one week old for a check-up and neonatal metabolic screening.

Prematurity or at-risk infants:
If your baby arrives early or has unexpected problems at the time of delivery, Juan M. Bossano, MD, physician with the Children’s Clinic who is board certified in pediatrics and neonatology, provides neonatal intensive care for at-risk and high-risk newborns requiring highly skilled intensive medical care.

At Risk Newborn Care
Health plans: We accept most major health plans in this area and Medicaid. If we participate in your health plan, we can file your insurance claim. See Managed Care Responsibilities.

Breastfeeding consultant:
If you choose to breastfeed, our breastfeeding consultant, Therese Deroche, RN, will visit you in the hospital to help with any concerns. You will be given an appointment for a follow-up consultation with her at the Children’s Clinic when the baby is one week of age.

Advantages of breastfeeding Formula (bottle) feeding

If you elect to have your baby boy circumcised, our pediatricians perform the circumcisions either at the hospital after birth or at the Children’s Clinic at a later date.

Circumcision Pros and Cons

Infant Check Up and Immunization Schedule:
Hospitalization: Attend delivery (if necessary); perform newborn admission history & physical examination; daily hospital visits; discharge examination & instructions.
1 Week Visit: Check up; neonatal metabolic screening
1 Month Visit: Check up; visit with physician or nurse practitioner
2 Month Visit: Check up; Immunizations
4 Month Visit: Check up; Immunizations
6 Month Visit: Check up; Immunizations
9 Month Visit: Check up; Hct
12 Month Visit: Check up; Immunizations–(Must be on or after 1st birthday)
15 Month Visit: Check up; Immunizations
18 Month Visit: Check up; Immunizations

Current schedule of immunizations
Email us with any questions or call 337-478-6480.