Accurate test results are an essential part of medicine. They provide the link between technology and good health.

During your office visit, your physician may order a lab test either for a preventative health check or to help diagnose an illness.

If a blood test is ordered, a lab employee will come to the exam room and usually collect the blood by a simple finger stick. If strep throat is suspected, she will swab the throat for a rapid strep test. The test will be performed in our lab while you wait in the examination room. Within 10-15 minutes your physician will return with the lab results and continue his exam. We strive to make the experience your child has with the laboratory as positive and painless as possible.

Laboratory Information and Accreditation
Laboratory services are available at all Children’s Clinic offices. The tests most frequently ordered by our physicians, such as CBC, urinalysis, or rapid strep test, are performed on-site. Most tests are performed “stat”, giving the physician information to aid in a timely diagnosis and treatment of your child.

Quality laboratory testing is a priority for the physicians of the Children’s Clinic. To ensure this, registered medical technologists are employed as laboratory personnel.

All of the laboratories meet the regulations mandated by the government for laboratory testing. The Children’s Clinic Laboratories are accredited by COLA, a national healthcare accreditation organization. Accreditation is given only to laboratories that apply rigid day-to-day operations, demonstrate continued accuracy in proficiency testing, and pass a rigorous on-site survey.

The Children’s Clinic has earned COLA accreditation as a result of long-term commitment to provide quality services to our patients.


We offer diagnostic radiology services for patients in the Main Office (2903 First Avenue) and our South Lake Charles Office (4111 Lake Street). Having radiology services on-site allows our physicians to diagnose patients quicker and speed recovery time.

Patients who visit satellite offices of the Children’s Clinic may come to the Main Office for x-rays if necessary. We offer x-rays of the chest, extremities, sinus and abdomen; to name a few.

Computer Radiography

With this new technology, the doctors and staff will no longer be looking at x-rays on light boxes, but on computer screens instead.

The x-rays are taken the same way, but what is changed is that the image is stored on a cassette and transferred to a computer via an image reader. With the new technology the image can be manipulated to see more detail.

The images are readily available on computer for the doctor to view at any station in the main office and at the satellite offices.